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Purchasing or replacing an HVAC system is a significant investment for homeowners. So it’s important to protect your investment to receive the full benefits of the system. This is where HVAC preventative maintenance comes into play. 

What is HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC maintenance refers to the examination of every component of the HVAC system to ensure optimal performance. While a visual inspection can be done by homeowners, generally, a HVAC technician will make a on-site visit. As part of a HVAC maintenance inspection, the technician’s responsibilities include three categories:

    • Cleaning: As dirty HVAC components can stress the system, cleaning is a critical part of HVAC maintenance. While it’s common for the outdoor unit to become dirty, other areas that could need cleaning include drain lines and pans, evaporator coils, and more.
    • Inspecting: After the debris and dirt is removed, HVAC technicians will conduct tests and inspect for damaged components.
    • Replacing: Generally consists of replacing common components like air filters or carbon monoxide batteries. However, HVAC technicians are trained to detect  worn/damaged parts. These parts need replacements before they cause further damage and expensive repairs.

Professional HVAC maintenance is recommended twice a year to ensure the system is ready to handle the stress of extreme temperatures:   

    • Air conditioners in the spring to stay cool and comfortable all season 
    • Furnaces in the fall to ensure efficient and safe operation


Why HVAC Maintenance is Important

Taking preventative measures to fix issues before they become larger problems has multiple benefits. Furthermore, maintenance plans have a general, expected cost. However, hvac system failures and breakdowns are mostly sudden without warning or time to prepare for repair bills. In fact, repair bills are often 10 times more expensive than an biannual maintenance checkup. Other important reasons to perform HVAC maintenance include:

Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

    • Efficient operation means lower utility bills
    • Less stress on the system helps extend the system’s lifespan
    • Catching damaged/worn parts early creates fewer emergency repair situations
    • Helps mitigate the chances of breakdowns during extreme summer temperatures
    • Creates a paper trail of maintenance in case of a warranty claim

Importance of Furnace Maintenance

    • Improves performance and extend the system’s lifespan
    • Improves energy efficiency and reduces energy costs
    • Helps mitigate the chances of breakdowns during extreme winter  temperatures
    • Protects families from potential fire and carbon monoxide hazards
    • Creates a paper trail of maintenance in case of a warranty claim


Be Prepared with HVAC Maintenance Plans 

Homeownership comes with a lot of duties and upkeep, which is why many homeowners take advantage of HVAC maintenance plans. These plans ensure your HVAC system is well taken care of on a regular basis. At Barnard Heating and Cooling, our skilled team offers a wide array of services and benefits from HVAC maintenance to repairs. If you have any questions about your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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