HVAC Services

At Barnard Heating and Cooling, we can tackle all of your residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC needs, including installation, maintenance, and cleaning. As the only Lennox and Armstrong dealer in Carthage, Missouri, we are the closest and fastest provider of certified maintenance and installation for these HVAC systems.

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New HVAC System Installation

Transform your home or business into an oasis of comfort with our top-notch HVAC installation services. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge, energy-efficient HVAC systems to maximize your home’s comfort while minimizing utility costs, and we will help you find an appropriate HVAC system for your needs. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can rely on us to handle every aspect of the installation process seamlessly.

Mini-Split Installation

Discover the ultimate solution for personalized comfort with our mini-split installation services. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional HVAC systems and embrace the versatility and efficiency of mini splits. We will carefully assess your space and recommend the ideal mini-split system for your home or business. With whisper-quiet operation and precise temperature control for individual rooms, you can enjoy optimal comfort while reducing energy consumption.

New Construction HVAC and Mini-Splits

We offer all of our HVAC and mini-split installation services for new construction in all property types, including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Routine HVAC Cleaning and System Check

HVAC systems must be cleaned and inspected twice yearly, heaters in the fall, and air conditioners in the spring. Let us check your heating and cooling and verify that your heating and cooling units are ready for the season ahead.

Hand cleaning air conditioner condenser coils

Coil Cleaning

Coil cleaning is an essential part of bi-annual HVAC maintenance and is part of every routine system check that we do at Barnard Heating and Cooling.

Replacing the filter in the central ventilation system. Replacing Dirty Air filter for home central air conditioning system. Change filter in rotary heat exchanger recuperator.

HVAC Filter Replacement

Your air quality and climate control efficiency depends on unrestricted airflow. At Barnard Heating and Cooling, we can ensure that your HVAC system’s air filters are changed at manufacturer-recommended intervals.

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